St. Demetrios Dance Troupe

Our Costumes

Karagouna CostumeKaragouna

The Karagouna costume worn by the Senior Girls comes from the region of Thessalia, in central Greece. This multi-layered outfit was the bridal dress of girls in that region through the mid-twentieth century.

Souliotissa CostumeSouliotissa

The Souliotissa costume worn by the Senior Girls is from the region of Epirus, in northwest Greece. The Soulioti women were immortalized in a song commemorating their heroic deaths. During the 1821 Revolution, while their husbands and brothers were away fighting for Greece's independence, Turkish troops closed in on their mountainous village. Rather than suffer dishonor in the sultan's harem and the forced conversion of their children to Islam, the women climbed to a rocky peak, and began a line dance, accompanied by their own singing, that ended with each one jumping off the cliff.


The Amalia costume, worn by the Junior Girls, is the dress adopted by Greece's first Queen in 1829. Amalia, a Bavarian by birth, decided to adopt the clothing of her new country by modifying the wool outfits worn by women in parts of Macedonia and Asia Minor, into velvet and lace.

Evzone CostumeEvzone

The Evzone costume worn by all the boys is the fancier version of the "Foustanella" (or white kilt) worn by men in mainland Greece. The formal costume is worn to this day by Greek soldiers guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Constitution Square in Athens.