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Sunday School

Dear Parents,

As the world and society changes, the responsibility to spiritually educate our children has become even more important. We need to give these "gifts from God" (our children) every means available so that as they grow and experience the world and all they encounter, they can handle it in a manner most pleasing to God.

Our children naturally look to us as examples in how we handle things. Instilling in them the role God plays in daily challenges and decisions is our obligation as Christian parents. Showing them that our Church is IMPORTANT is a must. Regular attendance, arriving ON TIME, and insisting that life includes our Church family are aspects that must become the core of the family unit.

It doesn't stop there! The best reinforcement is living our faith on a daily basis. We are very blessed as Orthodox Christians because Orthodoxy is a way of life and we must incorporate it in our day-to-day schedule. Our prayer corners must be established and become a focal point in the home. On Sundays when our children come home from Sunday School it is important to ask what they learned. We MUST make the SAME concerted effort to show that learning about Christ and His Church is as important as what they learn in school. The one-hour a week in Sunday School is just a small piece of the entire picture. Once this is understood the ‘tools’ needed to help our children embark in their spiritual lives will be firmly established.

Maggie Steffas and Cindy Genin have some awesome ideas for Sunday School this year and with their enthusiasm and the continued support of the parish we will have a fun year. Help our Sunday School educate our children. Please note that we will be extending the time in the classroom and we are asking parents for your patience. GOD BLESS YOU and THANK YOU.

Fr. Jim Doukas

Sunday School starts at 9:30 each Sunday with the Divine Liturgy. Fr. Jim expects the children to sit in the front pews where he speaks to them every Sunday immediately after the Gospel reading. This is a special time for the children and their Spiritual Father so punctuality is expected. The children will remain in the Liturgy until after Holy Communion when they go to their classes.

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We have a dedicated and hardworking group of teachers this year.

Sunday School Teachers (2016-2017)
Directors Maggie Steffas, Christina Schraff, Elena Prochaska
Preschool Fay Stamatis, Marianna Hadgis
Kindergarten Cindy Genin, Jamie Coutris
1st & 2nd Maggie Steffas, Dina Giavroutas, Anna Kachevas
3rd & 4thKathy Katrakazos, Elena Prohaska
5th & 6thDespina Matheos, Stacy Loizos
7th & 8thTony Apotsos
9th & 10th Nick Giallourakis, Angie Giallourakis, Manuel Glynias
11th & 12th Tony Kazanas
Music Diane Matzorkis, Maria Steffas, Mary Matzorkis
RotationChristina Carpadis Schraff