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Dear Parents,

As I sit to write this letter of encouragement regarding Sunday School attendance, all my thoughts center on your families and my deep love and concern for the spiritual growth within the family.

Over my past 10+ years, I have tried to instill that living Orthodoxy on a daily basis is the best approach. Orthodoxy is a way of life and incorporated in our day-to-day schedule. We, as adults, have the responsibility to bring this into our homes. It doesn't have to be hard. The hard part is MAKING IT A PRIORITY. Once this is in place, it becomes a natural progression.

Coming to Church needs to be put in place in the family routine in order to reinforce this priority. I witness such enthusiasm from the families whose children return from summer camp and it warms my heart. For one week they are living Orthodoxy on a daily basis. They come home enlightened and parents are thrilled to see this. Then the reality sets in. We get back into our daily routines. Our kids have school priorities. We have sports that encroach on Sunday worship. If there are services during the week, there is conflict due to commitments. That spark that camp provided our kids dulls. Then I hear, well, it's not the same. PARENTS, I ask you — how are you addressing this? Your children are given back to you after one week with a spark in their hearts and it is up to YOU to keep it lit.

The reason we send our kids to places like summer camp is our deep desire to see these kids love God and his Church and develop life-long friendships with children from all over the Metropolis! But not everyone is able to attend this camp. Yet we have a place parents can bring their children to experience God and His Church. From 9:30 until 12 noon on Sundays the Divine Liturgy and Sunday School can give our children a place ALL YEAR LONG. We have opportunities — it's OUR ATTITUDES AND APPROACH that keep our children's spark lit.

Do you notice those families whose children grow up making church a priority are faithful Orthodox Christians as adults? Whatever you do on a daily basis in your home provides the flame that is needed to keep your children grounded in the Church. So parents — make your daily spiritual lives a priority with your families. Say your prayers together, light your votive lamps or candles, and go to Church together consistently. Choose what the priorities SHOULD be. Chances are when they become young adults, you will see the choices they make to be Christlike. Why? Because they are familiar with HIM and know His Teachings and how we are to live as Christians — not because society dictates differently.

It is our deep desire to see our families in Church on Sunday at 9:30 sharp so together we can lay aside our worldly cares for a few hours and enter into the "KINGDOM OF THE FATHER AND THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT." Our Sunday School Team of volunteer teachers are ready to greet your children. Make Orthodox Christian living a priority in your home.

Fr Jim Doukas

Sunday School starts at 9:30 each Sunday with the Divine Liturgy. Fr. Jim expects the children to sit in the front pews where he speaks to them every Sunday immediately after the Gospel reading. This is a special time for the children and their Spiritual Father so punctuality is expected. The children will remain in the Liturgy until after Holy Communion when they go to their classes.

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Sunday School Teachers (2016-2017)
Directors Maggie Steffas, Christina Schraff, Elena Prochaska
Preschool Fay Stamatis, Marianna Hadgis
Kindergarten Cindy Genin, Jamie Coutris
1st & 2nd Maggie Steffas, Dina Giavroutas, Anna Kachevas
3rd & 4thKathy Katrakazos, Elena Prohaska
5th & 6thDespina Matheos, Stacy Loizos
7th & 8thTony Apotsos
9th & 10th Nick Giallourakis, Angie Giallourakis, Manuel Glynias
11th & 12th Tony Kazanas
Music Diane Matzorkis, Maria Steffas, Mary Matzorkis
RotationChristina Carpadis Schraff