The Rite of Holy Chrismation Immediately following the Baptism, the newly-born Christian receives the Life-giving Breath of the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Chrismation.

The Prayer of the Anointment of the Holy Spirit

In the composition of Holy Chrism, the olive oil symbolizes the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit that enables the Christian to fight off and to overcome the enemies of Salvation: temptation, sin and death. The newly baptized person is anointed with the Holy Chrism on his/her face in the form of a Cross and his sense organs and thus receives the imparting of the Holy Spirit of God.

The Prayers of the Tonsure

The Tonsure is the solemn cutting of hair, which in ancient times signified that a person was in service to a master. Today, the tonsure after Chrismation symbolizes the first gift the Christian gives back to God and is a sign of his dedication in service to the Lord.

The Vesting of the Newly Baptized

The newly Baptized person puts on a white garment signifying their renewed nature in Christ. The hymns of the service refer to this robe as "a robe of 'Divine Light," meaning that through Baptism, we are clothed in the very nature of Jesus Christ.

The Joyous Procession of the New Christian

A circular procession is made around the Baptismal Font as the priest joyously censes the font and the new Christian. Other Christians (usually children) present may join in the procession around the font holding lighted candles.

The Apostolic and Evangelical Readings Romans 6:4-11 Matthew 28:16-20

The First Communion

Now the newly Baptized and Illumined Servant of God receives his/her first Holy Communion. The child having received the new life in Christ now receives the Heavenly Food that alone sustain that life: Holy Communion. The Lord offers Himself to us food.

The Dismissal

At the end of the service, the mother receives the newly baptized child from its Godparent who says to her: "Receive your child baptized, illumined and dedicated to God." Following the ceremony, witness pins (gold Crosses adorned with ribbons) are distributed to and worn by all who were witnesses of the marvelous things God has accomplished.